Stellar Flash

Sterling silver, fine silver,18k gold, opal, Big Dipper, 19P
size 8

How much do I love opals, they are absolutely stunning. This sweet opal flashes all colours like a ray of light from a star, it is completely mesmerizing.

Opals are magical gemstones, displaying flashes of different colours depending on which angle you look at them. Opals are said to inspire creativity, joy, a positive outlook, joie de vivre and stimulate insight and intuition in the wearer. They are also believed to inspire love and passion by releasing inhibitions.

This explosion of colour is set in textured fine silver and seated on a solid sterling silver band textured to look like an outer space object and stained to look like a space nebula. On either side of the stone are 18k gold orbs, 18k gold solder, reticulated silver and the Big Dipper. Inside the ring band you will find the stamp 19P, Google “19P comet” to discover the name of the comet that was visible at the time I made this piece.

This ring fits a size 8 nicely