Sterling silver, fine silver, Apache gold, Cassiopeia
Apache Gold is officially one of my favourites, reflective gold and matte black, what a combo!!! These amazing creatures are found on Cleopatra Hill in Arizona, this makes so much sense as this semi-precious gemstone is the colour way of the aesthetics of ancient Egypt. Named Apache Gold and also known as healers gold, it is a combination of shiny metallic pyrite and matte black magnetite. I love pyrite and magnetite on their own, together the visual contrast is stunning and elegant.
Apache Gold is said to emit a very powerful positive energy which aligns the energy and magnetic fields of the body. It aids in confidence, grounding, vitality, and shields from electromagnetic emissions of electronic devices. Said to attract wealth and abundance to the wearer, as well as a grounded sense of what is possible. This piece is wonderfully energetic, it hums with positive vibrations. It is also called healers gold as it is used by energy healers in their work. In this gem the pyrite = understand and the magnetite = attract, perfect!
I have added Cassiopeia the queen of Joppa constellation on the back of each. As a secret message 19P is subtly stamped. If you google “19P comet” you will discover the name of the comet that was visible at the time I made these beauties.
These gems look like the edge of a star and a trail of stardust in the darkness of space. I am kinda obsessed with the look of orbits haloing gems so I added 2 to each. Each Apache gold stone is set in fine silver and seated on sterling silver which has been textured to look like an outer space object.