Space Lichen

Sterling silver, fine silver, marcasite plume in quartz, Andromeda, 19P

Golden flower patterns moving through clear crystal, in this unique marcasite plume in quartz. Reminiscent of lichen, it seems to grow from within the stone, and there are areas where you can look below the surface to the origin.

Marcasite is said to inspire creativity in artists and craftspeople, encourage focus in learning, teach patience, and keep the wearer in the present moment. It is said to align the lower chakras and helps one prioritize what is truly important.

This magical creature is set in fine silver and seated on solid sterling silver textured to look like an outer space object. I have added the Andromeda constellation on the back and if held to a light you can see through the depths of the stone with the light that passes through. On the back you will find the stamp 19P and if you google “19P comet” you will discover the name of the comet that was visible at the time I made this piece.