Space Jungle

Sterling silver, Fine silver, chrome chalcedony, Lacerta
This gemstone looks like a planet swirling with crystal clear, emerald green, jungle pools. You can lose all sense of time gazing into the green depths of this gem. I have paired it with Lacerta the lizard constellation, as I imagine them swimming in those pools.
This rare form of chalcedony is a new discovery for me. I was thrilled when I received it as pictures do not do it justice, it is delightful. Chrome chalcedony is said to encourage and open the heart reminding you to feel loved. It is believed to help feel calm during stressful times, completing tasks and achieving goals with confidence. It is called the Forgiveness Stone as it allows the wearer to forgive oneself and others, release destructive and limiting behaviours and move forward.
Lacerta the lizard, I am a huge fan of lizards, with their rainbow glistening scales, in many cultures symbols of regeneration and rebirth, they remind me of the endless diversity of life on Earth.
This deep jungle gemstone is set in fine silver, and seated on solid sterling silver textured to look like an outer space object.