Solar Sail

Solar Sail
Kinetic Chrome Silica Pendant
Sterling silver, fine silver, chrome silica, 18k gold solder

Space geeks like me will love this one….Chrome silica is a by product of making solar sails, and I love it. Subtle crystalline formations pattern this unique specimen, it is stunning. It had to be made into a kinetic jewellery object reflecting its use in space.

I have set the chrome silica in fine silver and it is seated on solid sterling silver with the Milky Way textured on the back. The top part of the pendant is solid sterling silver, textured and stained to look like outer space. I have added a 18k gold solder space nebula and the constellation Vela the ship’s sails. A large rivet connects the 2 parts, like a piece of machinery and allows the specimen to swing freely from the upper pendant.
This fabulous space apparatus is $300