Sapphire Star Shine

Sterling Silver, fine silver, sapphires, Vulpecula
This pair of blue sapphire earrings is absolutely charming, they glisten and flash silver celestial blue, I am completely enamoured. Vulpecula the fox constellation is on the back of each, and the rose cut blue sapphires with silver flash are set in an orbit, I am thrilled the negative space above the stone looks like a gibbous moon! They are lightweight and have lots of movement and flash.
Around the world sapphire plays a part in ancient lore. Persian, Hebrew, ancient Greeks and Romans, Buddhists, Hindus, Christianity, and modern day royalty all have magical stories about this gem. In ancient times and well as modern day sapphires are cherished for their powers of protection and insight. Sapphires are said to aid the wearer in basically everything: from power and strength, kindness and wise judgement, accomplishing goals and manifesting dreams, healing and protection and wealth and even more.
I have added Vulpecula the fox constellation to the back of the earrings, because of course a foxy person will want to wear these gorgeous gems.
These rose cut beauties are set in fine silver and seated on solid sterling silver, circled by a sterling silver orbit. Everything has been textured to look like outer space objects. On the back of the earrings is Vulpecula the fox constellation.