Life on Mars

Life on Mars
Palm Root earrings
Sterling silver, fine silver, petrified Palm Root, 22P
$150 (discount)

Amazing petrified palm root is fossilized Indonesian palm tree, 20-40 million years old, this petrified wood is a part of ancient Earth. To me it looks like night on a far way planet, Life on Mars.

I have set these fabulous pieces of ancient wood in fine silver on solid sterling silver, textured to look like an outer space object. I have added an sterling silver orbit halo to each and suspended another floating orbit in the negative space. The backs are stamped with 22P the comet which was visible at time of making.
Unfortunately one of the stones was a little smudged during making so these have been discounted from $220 to $150. The smudge is only noticeable from certain angles as seen in last image.

Ancient Earth energy
Sacred nature of all life
Grounding to natural kingdom and Earth body
Balance and sooth emotions