Sterling silver, fine silver, Canadian hypersthene, Big Dipper, 19P
size 9.5
Canadian Hypersthene Ring
Velvety silver light flashes through this substantial Canadian hypersthene.
Hypersthene is said to ground, calm and quiet the wearer, creating an environment where one is able to organize their thoughts and find creative solutions to challenges. Also said to enhance magical , psychic and intuitive abilities, it is known as “magical stone” to those who use gems for metaphysical properties. For those who are at a crossroads of indecision, it is recommended to meditate with hypersthene, and a solution will present itself.
The brilliant chatoyancy of this gem is such a surprise. gem is such a surprise, it looks black and then from another direction layers of silver light appear banded deep in the stone. Phenomenal!
This velvety beauty is set in fine silver and seated on sterling silver. The ring band features the iconic Big Dipper on each side of the band and the whole piece has been textured to look like an outer space object. Secret stamp 19P for visible comet at time of making (google “19P comet”) located on inner ring band.