Galactic Queen

Sterling silver , fine silver, tanzanite, Casseopeia, 19P

I am crazy over tanzanite, first it was the gorgeous violets and purples, then I learned that if left natural and unheated some exhibit pleochroism, when viewed from different directions in the light you can see indigos, reds, greens, and yellows within the stone.
This stone is massive, it has many inclusions which reflect rainbows and shimmer across the face, and it is a completely natural, unheated, violet colour which exhibits pleochroic effect of greeny blues through the window at the back of the pendant.

Tanzanite is said to activate our psychic abilities, increase vibration, aid in communicating with higher dimensions, as well as help see and remove old patterns of self sabotage.

This gorgeous tanzanite is set in fine silver and seated on solid sterling silver, textured to look like an outer space object. I have added the constellation Cassiopeia, the queen of Joppa above the gem and cut a window behind the stone to see the different colours of this beautiful piece. Large natural pieces of tanzanite are rare and it is usual for a piece this large and transparent to have visible inclusions and fractures, this is normal, natural and not flawed. On the back you will find the stamp 19P and if you google “19P comet” you will discover the name of the comet that was visible at the time I made this piece.