Starry Night

Sterling silver, fine silver, chiffer mit pyrite, Big Dipper
size 7
Shining gold stars blaze across the matte black sky, like the Milky Way in this beautiful piece of shiffer mit pyrite. I usually set oval gems horizontally, but this piece has such a great skyscape it had to sit vertical.
Schiffer Mit Pyrite is cubic pyrite found in basalt that is sourced from Germany. I love the look of this gem, black and gold are so dramatic together, add matte and metallic contrast and it is stunning.
Metaphysically golden pyrite is a powerful stone used for protection, it is believed to shield and protect against negative energy and vibrations. It is also very grounding encouraging the wearer to remain calm, and react from a place of information rather than emotion.
Metaphysically basalt is said to increase energy and libido, which makes sense as basalt is a form of cooled volcanic lava or lava rock. Fiery! On the other hand it is said to calm emotions, bring stability and help with anger management. Basalt, like pyrite is used for cleansing and removing negativity.
This striking gem is set in fine silver and seated on solid sterling silver which has been textured to look like an outer space object. The iconic Big Dipper is on either side of the ring band. This ring fits a size 7 nicely.