Star Ray

Sterling silver, fine silver, astrophyllite, Crater
Gorgeous Astrophyllite, this unique mineral forms in a radiating star formation of glistening bronze slivers. The light streaks and flashes across the gem, it is absolutely celestial. This fantastic stone is rare and rarer still cut for jewellery, photographes and videos do not do it justice, it is like taking a picture of a star.
Astrophyllite is said to: aid in developing psychic abilities and telepathy, encourage new direction in life, increase spiritual and intellectual strength. Filling you with celestial light and positive energy, astrophyllite blasts negativity, guilt, and regrets with positivity and light ,and releases the wearer from the weight of these emotions. Used in meditation it allows you to see and feel the web of energy which enfolds the Earth, and connects us all.
I have added Crater, the cup constellation on the back of the pendant. There are many different myths around this constellation but I have chosen to look at cups as in the tarot. Cups are connected to emotions, intuition, feelings, empathy, compassion, psychic ability, creativity, arts, dreams, healing, cleansing, adaptability, and abundance.
This celestial specimen is set in fine silver, seated on solid sterling silver, and comes with a sterling silver chain.