Spinning Space Crystal

Kinetic pendant, sterling silver, fine silver, 14k gold solder, peach moonstone, Pleiades
Moonstone is so dreamy! This piece is cut to look like a crystal and to me that means space crystal! I have set this piece so that it spins, in the background I have included the Pleiades constellation, in a nebula of colourful oxidation and 14k gold solder.
Moonstone, the sweet shimmer of moonlight captured in an Earth gem. This piece has a peach shimmer. Since ancient times this gem has been associated with the moon, goddesses and women’s cycles. Moonstone is a potent gemstone of new beginnings and hope. Said to aid in moon cycle issues, fertility, and childbirth it is also known to stimulate creativity, intuition and dreams. It is a lovely gentle gem full of goddess wisdom and soothing information, this gem will also help balance and open one up emotionally.
Pleiades has been observed by humans for thousands of years, and has a name in many languages. Visible with the naked eye, full of myth and lore, it has been used for navigation and agriculture information since the beginning of time.
I imagined a comet crystal spinning past the Pleiades constellation, and textured the setting to look like an outer space object. The moonstone has been set in fine silver and seated on sterling silver. The pendants and componants are all solid sterling silver and have multiple textures, oxidation and 14k gold solder. This space crystal pendant comes with a solid sterling silver chain.