Space Slip

Sterling silver, Fine silver, textured/stabilized pyrite, Big Dipper
size 8
Space Slip
Pyrite is usually so flashy I thought this would be an interesting stone to make into a ring. This mineral has been polished and then textured it to give it a subtle shimmer rather than usual the high polish or flashing natural face. I think it creates a really interesting finish. It has very subtle flash and sparkle.
Pyrite is said to be a highly protective stone, guarding the wearer from all kinds of negative energy. Deeply grounding and reflective it is known to help retain, process and recall information, as well as boost confidence and assertiveness when protecting others, the planet or community. It is also said to allow the wearer to see through facades to what is real. To me it feels so Earthy and grounding while encouraging dreaming up, and moving towards possibilities. This pyrite has been stabilized on the front to protect it from damage and wear.
This shy gem is set in fine silver and seated on sterling silver. The ring band has the iconic Big Dipper on each side of the band and the whole piece has been textured to look like an outer space object. This ring fits a size 8 nicely