Space Rock

Sterling silver, fine silver, Muonionalusta meterorite, Big Dipper
size 8.5
This piece of meteorite is gorgeous. Meteorites are much rarer than gems formed on Earth. They are billions of years old, have broken off from an asteroid in our solar system, and travelled through our atmosphere to land here on Earth. Truly out of this world.
Meteorite is said to help you find your life work, and get physically moving towards it. Said to assist in creativity, help align the body’s energetic field, help access internal information to complete your purpose here on Earth, as well as communicate with extraterrestrial energies, it is a power tool considered sacred by many cultures. I find meteorite to be incredibly powerful, it operates like a calm instructor without feelings, authority or judgment, it directs you in new ways, which are always successful. It is a steady guide towards innovation and experimentation with positive results, and is always ready to help move you along further.
I have set this Muonionalusta meteorite in fine silver and it is seated on solid sterling silver, textured to look like an outer space object. The ring features the iconic Big Dipper on both sides of the band.