Sea Star Space

Sterling silver, fine silver, Andamooka opal
This stunning, large Andamooka opal looks like what I imagine a galaxy looks like, full of colourful sparkling light. It is spectacular!
Opals are associated with the element water, which makes sense as they are created by water and silica running into cracks and voids in stones. Metaphysically they are gems of regeneration, rebirth, and discovering new potential. Said to be a transformer gem, they aid in change, allowing the wearer to see in new ways, understand information, realize alternatives, and connect with psychic abilities. There are many myths and superstitions around opals. I am absolutely enamoured with these gorgeous gems.
Outer space and deep sea are so alike in my mind, and so I have added the constellation Cetus the sea monster, to the back of this pendant. The green of this opal makes me think of the glimmering skin of a beautiful sea monster. Can’t you imagine a deep space monster! So many levels to this pendant and gem, deep space, deep sea.
This huge, beautiful opal is set in fine silver, the pendant is solid sterling silver textured to look like an outer space object. This pendant comes with a solid sterling silver chain.