Sterling silver, fine silver, 18k gold solder, black Welo opal, Pleiades
This opal is the most beautiful creature! All the colours of the rainbow flash and move in this beautiful black (smoked) Welo opal from Ethiopia. It is breathtaking. I have paired it with famous Pleiades, 7 sisters constellation.
Opals are the most magical gemstones, displaying flashes of different colours depending on which angle you look at them. Opals are said to inspire creativity, joy, a positive outlook, joie de vivre and stimulate insight and intuition in the wearer. They are also believed to inspire love and passion by releasing inhibitions. Gorgeous and full of light and colour these liquid like gems are full of good energy and beauty.
The Pleiades constellation has been observed by humans through the ages, and has been used in ancient times for navigation and agriculture.
The opal is set in textured fine silver, and seated on solid sterling silver textured to look like an outer space object. I have cut out the back to display the gorgeous fire on the back of the stone, and added 18k gold solder nebula in The Pleiades constellation. I have oxidized the pendant to give it a dark silver effect.