Blue Star

Sterling silver, fine silver, 18k gold orb inlays,,blue star sapphire, Big Dipper
size 7.75
Multiple bright stars slide across the face of this glorious star sapphire ring.
Star sapphire has been treasured through the ages. Sapphire is referenced in Hebrew, Greek, Buddhist, Hindu and Christian lore, and was used in holy objects, protective jewellery and talismans. Sapphire has many qualities and is believed to aid in many aspects of life, bringing the wearer health, safety, integrity, discipline, focus, love commitment, fidelity, wisdom, success, wealth, power, channelling and connection to higher powers. Star sapphire intensifies the qualities of sapphire and adds a quality of protection and guidance home while travelling. Cultures worldwide have myths and stories which include this gorgeous gem.
This beautiful night sky gem is set in fine silver and seated on solid sterling silver. I have textured the solid sterling silver band to look like an outer space object, and have added the iconic Big Dipper and 18k gold orbs inlaid on each side of the band.