Black Star Spinning Moon

Kinetic pendant, sterling silver, fine silver, black star diopside, moonstone, Corvus
A gorgeous black star diopside is set above a spinning Corvus constellation and glowing moonstone moon.
Black star diopside, the chatoyancy of this stone creates stars and shimmer which move across its face. A luxurious gemstone which has been used metaphysically through the ages. Typically it is used for shamanic work and meditation, offering protection and grounding while working in other realms. It is a strong healer and is also well known for its strong grounding and Earth connection.
I have added a moon moonstone, shimmering with its potent, fertile energy. A stone of new beginnings, intuition and magic I feel like it is a soft compliment to the strength of the black star.
The raven symbolizes magic, intelligence and problem solving, the crow represents magic, intelligence and flexibility, the blackbird represents magic, knowledge and intuition. This piece is all about magic!
All components of this piece are made of solid sterling silver which I have textured to look like an outer space object.