Ancient Bubble

Sterling silver, fine silver, enhydro quartz
An ancient bubble moves within this gorgeous clear quartz. Called an enhydro crystal, it is a crystal with inclusions of liquid and vapour. During formation, most likely water and air, were trapped within the this crystal. AMAZING! The elements captured within this stone are beyond ancient, they are millions of years old!!!! This piece has a little bubble with a few different pathways to travel within the almost square shaped inclusion. It is a lot of fun to move the bubble to different parts of the inclusion!!!
Metaphysically these specimens are used by those seeking purity, they are said to help connect with the divine plan, Akashic records, as well as cleanse and purge built up toxicity from the mind, body and spirit. The liquid contained within the crystal is known as the elixir of life.
Of course I added my favourite constellation Monoceros the unicorn to this piece. The majestic unicorn, said to move between realms and realities, and have the ability to heal. Legends through the ages, drawings and writings of these creatures, royal flags, and tapestries of hunting the unicorn for its’ glowing horn made of alicorn, which is said to be the antidote for poison. The unicorn has been with us for thousands of years and holds a place in our hearts and in our constellations.
I am always excited to see one of these super rare crystals, rarer still to be cut for jewellery! It is round on the bottom so I cut the back of the setting to touch the wearer, and allow for better viewing. It is set in fine silver and I have allowed a little movement, so it makes a little noise. I can’t help myself, it is my favourite surprise when a gem responds to the movement of the wearer, this one in many ways! The pendant is solid sterling silver textured to look like an outer space object and comes with a solid sterling chain.