Across the Milky Way

Sterling silver, fine silver, psilomelane, Milky Way
Deep space metallic black and silver swirls across the face of this sophisticated, rare, gemstone. On the reverse of this statement pendant I have textured an image of the Milky Way galaxy, where our solar system is located.
This spectacular gemstone just radiates a wise, beautiful, cultured energy. Metaphysically this gem is known to aid in deciding on what you want, focussing energy towards that goal and ultimately manifesting those dreams into reality. Of course this level of sophistication does not rush wildly into things, but rather smoothly glides, all the while teaching the wearer patience as you move towards your goals and ambitions. This gem is also known to illuminate shadows and calmly look at what needs to be addressed. Removing fear, shame, self doubt and judgement it smoothly encourages the removal of outdated and draining energies. I am seriously in awe of this elegant gem.
This fabulous psilomelane is set in fine silver on a solid sterling silver base. The backof the pendant has been engraved with and image of what the Milky Way galaxy.