The Way of the Dinosaurs

Sterling silver, fine silver, dinosaur bone, black diamond, Lacerta
Gorgeous fossilized dinosaur bone had to be paired with a black diamond astroid and Lacerta the lizard constellation.
Dinosaur bone is a wonderful gem. I love the idea of wearing the fossilized bones of dinosaurs, ancient dragons!!! What a world!!! I added a black diamond astroid to represent the extinction event 66 million years ago, and I added Lacerta the lizard on the back of the pendant, as through evolution, they are distantly related to the dinosaurs.
Dinosaur bone is said to be beneficial for understanding Earth changes, evolution, and connecting with Earth energies, ancient inhabitants, ancient ways, and secrets. It is said to help release old ideas and move forward into new ways of thinking, embrace change without fear, overcome survival anxiety and obsession.
Black diamonds are thought to have come to Earth from outer space! Diamonds amplify energy, attract abundance, increase strength and fearlessness. They are said to aid in spiritual evolution and remind the wearer of their soul aspirations. Diamonds are high frequency gems who encourage emotional growth, radiate endless loving energy and unconditional love, self respect, and allow the wearer to recognize the love which is received from people, creatures and the world. Black diamonds have these qualities as well as a very protective grounding energy.
The fossilized dinosaur bone is set in fine silver and seated on a sterling silver base. The Lacerta constellation on the back allows light to pass through the stone so you can see the unique characteristics of the fossilized bone structure. This piece comes with a solid sterling silver chain.