Spinning Through Space

Kinetic ring, sterling silver, fine silver, opal, North hemisphere constellations, Big Dipper
size 8
I love this ring!!! Polaris the North Star, is located almost directly over the North Pole, so it appears to us here on Earth, that the constellations and stars spin around it. I have made Polaris as the pivot point for this spinning ring, then I added the surrounding constellations… so this ring spins as we perceive the stars and constellations to spin!!! How great is that? I set a gorgeous opal in the star formations as a comet or shooting star or UFO.
Opal is a magical gem, metaphysically it inspires creativity, joy, positive outlook and joie de vivre and stimulate insight and intuition in the wearer. It is also said to inspire love and passion by releasing inhibitions. Gorgeous and full of light and colour these liquid like gems are full of good energy and beauty.
The ring and constellation plate are solid sterling silver, which I have heated and textured to look like an outer space object. The constellation plate I have oxidized the silver dark like outer space and the ring is highly polished silver and I have added the Little Dipper (where the star Polaris is located) on either side of the band.