Spinning Moon

Kinetic ring, sterling silver, 10k gold, 14k gold, Vulpecula
size 8
So many myths and stories based on the luminous moon, her magic and phases. Used the world over for timekeeping, agriculture, animal care, and changes in human activites, it pulls the Earth’s tides and is deeply connected to women’s cycles. It is our closest celestial body caught up in Earth’s orbit, a natural satellite. Spinning in synchronous rotation with the Earth, the moon always shows us the same face.
Did you know that the moon helps regulate the Earth’s wobble on its’ axis, which in turn has kept the climate stable over billions of years? Did you also know that there are many theories of the moon’s origin? The most popular theory is that Earth was hit by a massive Mars sized object and the moon is a combination of matter from both the earth and the object? So powerful!
This ring is a love letter to the moon. The sterling silver moon spins on top of a sterling silver band oxidized to look like the night sky. The constellation Vulpecula the fox is around the band and I have added a 10k gold orb and 14 k gold solder star dust cloud. The band and moon have been textured to look like the moon. This ring is solid sterling silver and fits a size 8 nicely.