Spinning Meteorite

Kinetic pendant, sterling silver, fine silver, 14k gold solder, Gibeon meteorite, opal, Big Dipper
This piece of Gibeon Meteorite has been so much fun to work with, I have set it so it spins freely in its' setting. As always meteorite jewellery comes together perfectly, and silver loves it and forms to it effortlessly. This piece sings with power and information.
Meteorite is said to help you find your life work, and get physically moving towards it. Said to assist in creativity, help align the body’s energetic field, help access internal information to complete your purpose here on Earth, as well as communicate with extraterrestrial energies, it is a power tool considered sacred by many cultures. I find meteorite to be incredibly powerful, it operates like a “boss” but without feelings, authority or judgment, it directs you in new ways, which are always successful. It is a steady guide towards innovation and experimentation with positive results, and is always ready to help move you along further.
Opal is a gorgeous jewel, which sends rays of colour every direction. Opal is said to have the ability to bring joy, creativity, optimism, enthusiasm, love passion and flashes of insight. It is one of my favourite gems, so mystical and powerful, full of information and light This opal shines bright green and has a lovely sparkling vibe, it is facetted and a great contrast visually to the outer space object.
I set this piece so that the meteorite spins in it’s setting so you can see each side. I have oxidized the piece to look like the night sky, and added the iconic Big Dipper star formation . There is also a 14k gold solder stardust cloud whose golden colour shines wonderfully from the blackened silver. Silver is said to reflect energies back to the sender and gold is said to bring the wearer wealth and luck. The meteorite is set in fine silver and the base is solid sterling silver textured to look like an outer space object. This out of this world piece comes with a solid sterling silver chain which has been oxidized to match.