Spinning Earth and Silver Moon

Kinetic pendant, sterling silver, fine silver, lapis lazuli, citrine, North hemisphere constellations
A lapis lazuli Earth spins in the summer night sky, the silver moon circles and disappears showing its phases and a citrine sun can be seen in the distance. This kinetic pendant was so fun to dream up and make.
Lapis Lazuli for me is a wonderful gem to represent the Earth. Deep dark indigo with pyrite sparkles it looks like the Earth seen from space. Lapis lazuli is said to aid in seeing the truth, give confidence, and facilitate communication. It is excellent for dealing with strong emotions such as grief, fear and anxiety.
Citrine is a gemstone of the sun. Vibrant and joyful it fills the wearer with bright sunlight energy. It is said to remove negativity from the wearer and the environment, bring good fortune, happiness and wealth to the wearer. You can’t help but feel joy when in the presence of citrine.
Silver is the noble metal of the moon, shimmering and reflective it is said to protect the wearer by reflecting negative energy away from the wearer.
The pendant is made of solid sterling silver,and the stones have been set in fine silver. The lapis lazili Earth spins freely atop some of the constellations of the summer sky in the Northern Hemisphere, and this silver has been oxidized to appear dark. The silver moon spins to appear and disappear behind the star map of the pendant. The citrine sun is placed on an orbit representing the cosmic dance of the Earth and sun star. This kinetic sculpture comes with a solid sterling silver chain.