Spinning Comet

Kinetic pendant, sterling silver, fine silver, 18k gold solder, Marcasite, lapis lazuli, Draco
A spinning marcasite comet spins in the foreground while a bright blue lapis lazuli earth is seen in the background. The colourful blues and pinks of the silver represent the cat’s eye nebula and 18k gold space clouds glitter. Draco the dragon constellation named after Ladon of Greek mythology, is seen across the face of the pendant.
Marcasite is so painterly! It is like liquid gold flowing into crevasses, this piece had to be made into a comet. Marcasite’s name comes from an Arabic word meaning “fire stone” as it will spark when struck with iron or flint. Loved by the ancient Egyptians, Inca and Greeks, this metallic gemstone has been used since ancient times for decoration, Cleopatra collected marcasite jewellery. In more recent times the 18th and 19th centuries it was used in tiaras and jewellery before diamonds became fashionable. Marcasite is said to inspire creativity in artists and craftspeople, encourage focus in learning, teach patience, and keep the wearer in the present moment. It is said to align the lower chakras and helps prioritize what is truly important. This marcasite is finished along with its matrix rock, the host rock which it grew on/within. I have never seen it cut for jewellery in this form and I love it! I have set it to spin and look like a comet moving through space.
In the background I have set a tiny lapis lazuli, worn by royalty for thousands of years, most famously it was sacred to the ancient Egyptians who wore it to cover all their chakras especially the chest. They also ground it to use as makeup and paint. Lapis lazuli is said to aid in seeing the truth, give confidence, and facilitate communication. It is excellent for dealing with strong emotions such as grief, fear and anxiety. It is a gorgeous stone with speckles of pyrite that glimmer in deep indigo blue. It looks like a gorgeous blue Earth glimmering in space.
Draco the dragon, represents magic, fortune, balance, power, strength and courage. Draco is a circumpolar constellation, meaning it never sets below the horizon for most Northern hemisphere viewers.
The pendant is solid sterling silver, which I have textured to look like an outer space object, and oxidized to look like the Cat’s Eye Nebula which is found in the Draco constellation. I have also added some 18k gold solder space clouds. This pendant comes with a solid sterling silver chain either silver or stained dark.