Space Gem

Sterling silver, 14k gold solder, hematite, citrine, Big Dipper
A gorgeous faceted hematite sits below the Big Dipper and a cloud of golden space dust, with a citrine star in the distance.
Hematite is a deep earth stone, said to aid in grounding and protection. It is said to help in concentration, focus, courage and confidence. Hematite’s name comes from the root word for blood and ancient Romans used it to decorate jewellery, weapons and armour as a talisman to protect themselves from bleeding. It has also been used through the ages to help with issues pertaining to blood.
Citrine is a joyful stone of hope and happiness. Said to bring good luck and wealth to the wearer, it glows like our sun star, and you can’t help but feel lighter looking at it. The Big Dipper is easily seen in the night sky and is used for navigation.
I have set these gems in fine silver, on solid sterling, I have textured the setting and base to look like an outer space object. Silver is a protective metal, and I added a 14k gold solder space dust cloud for wealth and luck. I have oxidized the silver to give the appearance of night sky and highlighted the silver in the Big Dipper. The oxidation is highlighted blue around the citrine. On the back side of the pendant I have cut out the the citrine and the hematite and polished the silver so you can wear it either way. This space pendant comes with a solid sterling silver chain, oxidized or shiny.