Space Diamond

Kinetic ring, sterling silver, fine silver, yellow diamond, Big Dipper, Ursa Minor
size 6
In this piece the Big Dipper is accompanied by a gorgeous yellow diamond, spinning atop a ring with the Ursa Minor, little bear, Little Dipper constellation on each side of the band. The Big Dipper is such a iconic star pattern, and the dazzling yellow diamond, is it a planet, a comet, a UFO?
Diamonds amplify energy, attract abundance, increase strength and fearlessness. They are said to aid in spiritual evolution and remind the wearer of their soul aspirations. Diamonds are high frequency gems who encourage emotional growth, radiate endless loving energy and unconditional love, self respect, and allow the wearer to recognize the love which is received from people, creatures and the world. Yellow diamonds are known to also stimulate creativity, imagination, happiness, joy and prosperity.
The diamond has been set in fine silver and sits upon a sterling silver spinning star map of the Big Dipper. The ring band is solid sterling silver textured to look like an outer space object and has the little dipper Ursa Minor on each side of the band. This playful kinetic ring fits a size 6 nicely