Orion and the Pyramids

Sterling silver, fine silver, 14k gold solder, agni manitite, citrine, Orion
There is a theory that the 3 great pyramids of Giza were built based on the 3 stars in Orion’s belt, it is called the The Orion Correlation Theory. I think this is a very interesting idea and always imagine the pyramids when I gaze at Orion, so it seemed fitting that I make a pendant which included these ideas as well as a stone which linked Earth and outer space: Agni Manitite. Agni Manitite is a tektite, another mystery, as they are not quite sure how tektites are formed. The leading theory is that they are the result of meteorite impact, the molten earth flies up into the atmosphere and returns to Earth a tektite.
Metaphysically Agni Manitite is said to carry streams of communication from extraterrestrials. Also known as Pearl of Divine Fire this tektite is said to be a potent sacral healer, increase energy, and boost confidence and intellectual ability. It is a gentle, high vibration creature I find when I have the pleasure of working with it, everything flows effortlessly and the outcome is always surprising and beautiful.
Citrine is a gemstone of the sun. Vibrant and joyful it fills the wearer with bright sunlight energy. It is said to remove negativity from the wearer and the environment, bring good fortune, happiness and wealth to the wearer. You can’t help but feel joy when in the presence of citrine.
The upper section of this pendant features the Orion constellation, with a 14k gold solder Orion Nebula and a facetted citrine as our sun star. It is made of solid sterling silver which I have heated, textured and oxidized to look like an outer space object.
The lower section of the pendant is Agni Manitite, natural faced and polished back, which I have set in fine silver on solid sterling silver. I have cut out a silhouette of a pyramid on the back of the pendant and textured the silver to look like rays of energy emitting from the pyramid. The front of the setting is textured to match the tektite.
This pendant really comes alive when you shine light through it, the pyramid glows and takes shape within the stone and the constellation and citrine illuminate. It is really a magical piece.
I have coloured the front of this pendant to look like outer space, and the back is polished silver, making this a versatile piece which can be worn in reverse for a totally different look. I also think it would be fun to take apart and have 2 people share the pendant, each wearing a component. So magical!