Midnight Pegasus

Sterling silver, fine silver, midnight quartzite, Pegasus
There is no way to catch the amazing sparkle of this glittering gem with a camera. It flashes and winks like a star filled night, hence the name Midnight Quartzite. This glitter had to paired with the Pegasus constellation, and I wanted to add some more magic, so I placed the constellation behind the stone, with the intent that the wearer could shine light through the pendant and see the constellation in the gem.
Quartz is used in so many machines in our day to day lives, like watches and electronics. It is piezoelectric, it has the ability to produce an electrical reaction when a charge is applied, or it is under physical stress or heat. Quartz, like diamonds, is also capable of triboluminescence, it can create light under pressure. You can see this by rubbing or striking 2 quartz crystals together.Quartz has many metaphysical properties, it is used to amplify energy of the user or crystals around it, and can be programmed to help the user in any endeavour. Believed to increase energy, concentration, health and psychic ability, its crystal formations are gorgeous and have been used in rituals and decoration for millennia.
Midnight quartzite is included with graphite which makes it sparkle and glitter like outer space!!! Graphite is used for its ability to conduct electricity and heat, as well as its ability to lubricate and make marks = pencils. Metaphysically because of its ability to conduct electricity, it is used in healing applications, to move energy from healer to wearer. It is also believed to help take charge of one’s life, focus, learn, and transform anger to calmness.
Having both of these conductive minerals in one gem creates a powerful tool of transformation, and it called me to set it with the constellation Pegasus. Pegasus the winged horse, born of Medusa, 2 of my favourites! Pegasus has been features on all sorts of creations, from tapestries, to coins, to flags, to movies, we love the the idea of a flying horse! Metaphysically Pegasus is said to lift us from our sadness and lead us to the life we were born to live, freeing us from the mundane.
This piece is full of electricity and power! It is wonderful to gaze at and lose yourself in the depths of glittering sparkles. I have made this piece so you can wear it reversed, you can have the gemstone in contact with your skin. On the reverse side the constellation is placed so it is behind the stone, you can illuminate the constellation by putting a light behind the gem. Glowing star map.
This midnight quartzite is set in fine silver on solid sterling silver, which I have textured to look like an outer space object. This pendant comes with a solid sterling silver chain.