Like A Diamond

Sterling silver, 18k gold, 14k gold solder, black diamond, Little Dipper
size 6.5
Like a diamond in the Sky features a beautiful black diamond, a gemstone I really feel close to. Did you know black diamonds are believed to have originated in outer space? Black diamonds contain inclusions of minerals which are rare or nearly absent in the Earth’s crust. Space diamonds!
Black diamonds are potent gems which radiate a calm strength and powerful presence. Diamonds are said to encourage eternal, flawless, unchanging love, being black they also aid in passion and protection.
I have set this black diamond in 14k gold, beside the diamond I have placed 3, 18k gold space orbs and some 14k gold solder dust cloud for wealth and luck. The Little Dipper is on either side of the ring band. The ring band is solid sterling silver which has been textured to look like an outer space object and finished with an oxidized surface to look like the night sky, and contrast the gold. Silver is the noble metal of the moon and is said to enhance clairvoyance and reflect negative energy away from the wearer. This sparkler fits a 6.5