Tektite, sterling silver,fine silver, Big Dipper
size 8
Agni Manitite, Teardrops of the Moon, Pearl of the Divine Fire.... There are many names for this rare tektite, which is theorized to have been created by a meteorite impact in Indonesia. It is believed to be formed from Earth matter being melted and ejected from the impact crater, and then the molten material re-entering the atmosphere and falling to Earth.Tektites can land hundreds and thousands of km away from the impact site.
Sparkling and dark when worn, translucent when held to light, it is a gem of contemplation, and information. I have definitely enjoyed some time gazing into this piece, brilliant! Agni Manitite is a tektite which are said to carry streams of communication from extraterrestrials, I have had this type of experience with tektite and for me this is absolutely true. Pearl of Divine Fire is also said to be a potent sacral healer, increase energy, and boost confidence and intellectual ability. It is a gentle, high vibration creature with lots to say.
I have set it in a fine silver bezel and cut 2 windows out of the back of the setting, to allow light to pass through, so the natural texture is visible. I have paired it with the Big Dipper on each side of the solid sterling silver band, which I textured to look like an outer space object. This space intercom fits an 8 nicely