Earth and Northern Lights

Open shank ring, sterling silver, fine silver, lapis lazuli, labradorite
size 8-9
Glittering lapis lazuli sits beside a flashing iridescent labradorite in this contemporary open shank ring. A thick gauge sterling silver band connects the two stones underneath, so they rest on either side of the finger. This design is so comfortable and modern, I love the feel and look of this ring.
Lapis lazuli, worn by royalty for thousands of years, most famously it was sacred to the ancient Egyptians who wore it to cover all their chakras especially the chest. They also ground it to use as makeup and paint. Lapis lazuli is said to aid in seeing the truth, give confidence, and facilitate communication. It is excellent for dealing with strong emotions such as grief, fear and anxiety. It is a gorgeous stone with speckles of pyrite that glimmer in deep indigo blue. It reminds me of the star filled night sky or looking down on the Earth from space.
Labradorite is amazing. The 1st Nations people of Labrador, have a legend of how the Northern lights were trapped in the stone until a warrior freed them and some of the energy remained in the stone. It is a perfect explanation for these gorgeous gems. Labradorite is said to be a powerful protector, shielding the energetic body from negative energies. It is known to connect the wearer with the magical realms and stimulate creativity. Also a calming and centering it is helpful when meditating or scrying. I have had great experiences with labradorite wisdom and always have some in my world.
These lovely gems are set in fine silver and are seated on solid sterling silver, I have cast the thick ring band of solid sterling silver. The design of this ring allows it to fit a size 8 to 9 nicely