Comet Passes a Blue Planet

Sterling silver, fine silver, 14k gold solder, pyrite, lapis lazuli, Pleiades
I have created this piece imagining the pyrite as a comet flying through space passing a lapis lazuli planet Earth orbit with Pleiades winking in the background. Love it.
Pyrite is said to be a highly protective stone, guarding the wearer from all kinds of negative energy. Deeply grounding and reflective it is known to help retain, process and recall information, as well as boost confidence and assertiveness. To me it feels so Earthy and grounding while encouraging dreaming up, and moving towards possibilities.
Lapis lazuli, worn by royalty for thousands of years, most famously it was sacred to the ancient Egyptians who wore it to cover all their chakras especially the chest. They also ground it to use as makeup and paint. Lapis lazuli is said to aid in seeing the truth, give confidence, and facilitate communication. It is excellent for dealing with strong emotions such as grief, fear and anxiety. It is a gorgeous stone with speckles of pyrite that glimmer in deep indigo blue. It is the image of the Earth from space.
The reverse side of the pyrite I have added the dreamy Pleiades or Seven Divine Sisters constellation. The Pleiades constellation has been observed by humans through the ages, and has been used in ancient times for navigation and agriculture. In more modern times you will recognize the Japanese name for this constellation Subaru and the stars of that logo.
This pendant is solid sterling silver, textured multiple ways, and is high polished on the front, and polished the back to look like streaks of light. This galactic piece comes with a solid sterling silver chain.