Celestial Dance

Kinetic ring, sterling silver, fine silver, lapis lazuli, citrine, Big Dipper
size 7
A lapis lazuli Earth and citrine Sun spin in a celestial dance on this kinetic ring. Though it is not exactly scientifically correct, it is a playful interpretation.
Lapis lazuli, worn by royalty for thousands of years, most famously it was sacred to the ancient Egyptians who wore it to cover all their chakras especially the chest. They also ground it to use as makeup and paint. Lapis lazuli is said to aid in seeing the truth, give confidence, and facilitate communication. It is excellent for dealing with strong emotions such as grief, fear and anxiety. It is a gorgeous stone with speckles of pyrite that glimmer in deep indigo blue. It reminds me of looking down on the Earth from space with its cities lit up.
Citrine is a gorgeous sun filled gem full of positivity and light. A gemstone of cleansing, it is said to remove negativity, bring good fortune, happiness and wealth to the wearer. You can’t help but feel joy when in the presence of citrine. It is the perfect stone for the sun.
The sweet gems are set in fine silver on a solid sterling silver base and ring. The iconic Big Dipper is on either side of the ring band and the whole piece has been textured to look like an outer space object. This ring fits a 7 nicely.