Black Star

Sterling silver, fine silver, 14k gold solder, black star diopside, Big Dipper
size 7.5
This is the biggest black star diopside I have ever seen, it has beautiful star and shimmer movements across the face.
Black star diopside, the star of India, is a powerful gemstone and has been used in healing and shamanic work for centuries. It is said to have the ability to ground and protect the wearer while travelling astral planes or doing healing work. It is also said to have the power to cleanse the emotions, increase creativity and the ability to learn.
The stars move across the face of this stone and there is also a slight cat’s eye effect. I have placed it on the solid sterling silver band with the Big Dipper on each side. I also added some 14k gold nebula accents on the back of the setting and textured the band to look like an outer space object. This power-tool fits a 7.5 nicely