Kinetic pendant, sterling silver, fine silver, brass, black diamond
An astronavigation contraption! A Big Dipper star map set with a with a black diamond spins, an orbit floats around the star map and spins on the same axis. All pieces move independently, it was a challenge to dream up and fabricate.
Black diamonds are potent gems which radiate a calm strength and powerful presence. Diamonds amplify energy, attract abundance, increase strength and fearlessness. They are said to aid in spiritual evolution and remind the wearer of their soul aspirations. They are high frequency gems who encourage emotional growth, radiate endless loving energy and unconditional love, self respect, and allow the wearer to recognize the love which is received from people, creatures and the world. Diamonds are said to encourage eternal, flawless, unchanging love. Black diamonds are said to increase passion and protection. Black diamonds are also theorized to have come from outer space.
The diamond is set in fine silver, and a brass rod supports the solid sterling silver components, some of which are textured to look like outer space objects.