Hi! This is me! I am a silversmith obsessed with outer space, I make jewellery that connects you to the cosmos.


 Using solid sterling silver and gold, as well as precious and semiprecious gemstones, I create jewellery featuring constellations, zodiac, planets, moons and comets.

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The constellations I add to each piece give us a map, a guide to help us navigate while here on Earth. The wearer can always look up to the stars and find their place in the universe while wearing a star map.


I am madly in love with rare and unusual gemstones, their beauty, uniqueness, magical and metaphysical properties are fascinating. 


 I think jewellery should be meaningful and feel magical, not generic and mass produced. I handmake every piece using handtools, torch and ancient techniques. These magical maps should last generations if cared for. I add secret messages in my work, you will find sparkles and stars stamped on the unseen areas of the jewellery. For 2022 I have begun to add the ID of a comet which was visible at the time of making on each piece.


I hope you like my work! Feel free to send me a message with any questions or comments. I look forward to chatting about gems and stars with you!

 Jennifer McCaw holds a BFA, Majoring in Jewellery Design & Metalsmithing from NSCAD University 2001. She taught high school spring break students the art of silver casting at NSCAD.  From 2006 to 2009 she owned Looks Could Kill Art Boutique, an art gallery in downtown Calgary, AB. There, she hosted monthly openings, art shows, video screenings, music and dance performances, fashion shows, and taught workshops in various mediums. Jennifer’s work has been exhibited and sold in galleries and boutiques across Canada, as well as Argentina and Japan Her work is represented in numerous private collections worldwide. Currently McCaw lives in the beautiful Slocan Valley where she farms, creates jewellery in her studio, and teaches fibre, botanical printing and natural dye classes at the Slocan Valley Threads Guild.